Friday, May 13, 2011

May 11-13 Green Turtle Cay

To get to Green Turtle Cay we leave Treasure Cay and cross the "Whale".  The Whale is totally exposed to the northern Atlantic Ocean and although only a short distance of travel, can be quite treacherous.  If the whale gets in a "rage", that is large northerly swells , opposed by an outgoing tide, it can be vicious and dangerous.  Today it is a pussycat.  Some swells, but we transit the passage with delight.

The entrance markers to Black Sound on Green Turtle cay.  You really have to look close to see if they are  marked with red or green.  In this case there is a little red faded paint on the pole
We are headed for the Leeward Yacht Club in Black Sound.  Mitch says this place is not even on the charts, how did you find this place?  Local knowledge I reply.  In reality I had scouted the place out last year when we were here and I had found it to be a a very good marina. New docks, a swimming pool and  a recently opened Tiki bar.  We immediately head for a delightful lunch at the Tiki bar.  The landscaping is unmatched anywhere.

Green Turtle welcoming us
The next day we take the Nike express to town (20 minute walk) to rent a golf cart.  The island is long and narrow so in order to tour it properly a golf cart is a necessity.  In our tour of the island we go to the Green Turtle Club and the Bluff House Marinas where we have stayed before.  At the Bluff House marina we see the boat,Diva, Margaret & Ben, some friends of ours from Boat Harbour, so we have a nice visit with them.
The bar at the Green Turtle Club & Resort
The harvesting of lobsters is a big business here in the Bahamas.  Everywhere we have been, from Spanish Wells to here in Green Turtle, we have seen lobster Condos being built or ready for deployment, Ah what is a lobster condo you say.  It is simply a piece of corrugated galvanized roofing material nailed to a 2x6 and  put on the ocean floor.  The lobsters like the hiding place and then they are easily harvested.

Barb surveying a pile of lobster condos ready for deployment .  The season for harvesting spiny lobsters, doesn't open until the first Monday in August.  This is a big event here
The main street in New Plymouth which is the town in Green Turtle.  Interesting -the street is is narrow there is only one way traffic.  Lots of golf carts. An occasional car or truck
The sand road that runs along the ocean front as viewed from our golf cart.  All the golf carts here have all terrain wheels as the off road traveling is tenuous at best
The Atlantic Ocean as viewed from the island

Mitch & Bab exploring the beach on the Atlantic ocean side
This is one of my favorite places in the Abacos.  Everything is so neat and orderly.  The population is 450-500 people.  The school is up to 6th grade.  Beyond that they must take the ferry to Cooperstown or Marsh Harbour.  A boat ferry ride, and a bus ride.  As we travelled down the streets of New Plymouth we got stuck in a golf cart line.  Moms waiting to pick up their kids from the ferry.  Life is different here but yet it is the same

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