Friday, May 13, 2011

May 10 Treasure Cay

The beach at Treasure cay
A peaceful night was spent at Guana Hideaways dock.  The owner came by around 10 am to collect his $30. No dockmaster to help us get away from the dock.  That is not necessary as the wind is gently blowing.  I have not mentioned the weather in any of my postings.  Let me give you a one word summary.  perfect!  The temperature has been mostly 85 degrees during the day and it cools down at night with a nice breeze to keep the boat cool.  Every once in a while we have run the AC when at a marina but not often.  The winds have been kind to us except when waiting for weather windows to cross the Ocean, and that us to be expected.

We traveled a couple of hours to Treasure Cay.  There is a nice anchorage and mooring area just outside the Marina.  For 12 bucks we picked up a mooring and spent the night.  After arriving we visited the spectacular beach at Treasure. The Cocoa beach bar was nearby so we indulged in a Goombay Smash before heading back to the boat

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