Friday, May 13, 2011

May 9 Great Guana

View of Settlement Harbor on Guana from our flybridge
After our short stay at Man  O War we will travel a short distance in the Sea of Abaco to Guana Cay home of the famous Nippers Bar as well as Grabbers.  The Guana Hideaways docks are relatively new but the water and electric have never been installed. The price is right-only $30 per night It is a little bit eerie as we are the only 2 boats here.  Only a handful of boats across the way at Orchid Bay Marina. Our arrival is late afternoon so we enjoy the rest of the day watching the boats come and go to the Government dock

Ring Toss-is a simple game available at all the bars in the Bahamas.  A ring tied to a string, and the object is to loop it on the S hook the length of the string away.  Looks easy, but not so.  
The next morning we take a left turn from the docks and stroll down to Grabbers.  The are not open for lunch yet but we have our sight set on Nippers for lunch.  After taking in the the view at Fishers Bay we take the main road to Nippers .  Not many stores in between but we visit Milo at his fruit and jewelry stand.
The girls looking at Milo's wares.  Tough way to make a living.  I think Milo has a new sign
After looking over Milo's produce we head up the sand path to Nipper's for lunch.  Not many people at Nippers. This is Monday.   It is early but the time to visit Nippers is on Sunday.  Some people call it silicone Sunday.
The road to Nippers bar.  A sand path. Wide enough for golf carts which is the preferred mode of transportation
The view of the Atlantic ocean from Nippers
Not many people here today but the view is spectacular
Another day a different time

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