Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 8-9 Marsh Harbor & Man-O-War

It is a short trip from Hopetown to Marsh Harbour.  We elect to spend a couple of nights at Mangoes Marina  which is actually located in the harbor at Marsh Harbour.  It will give us time to tour the town.  Barb, Mitch and I go snorkeling at Mermaid Reef which is a nice walk from the marina.  On Sunday Judy and I go to St. Frances DeSales church.  Not sure if the bus is running, so we take a taxi.  Before church starts we see Obie the bus driver and he is happy to deliver us back to the Marina.  And of course our visit includes a trip to Steak night at the Jib Room.  It is packed and the steaks are as good as ever.

A visit to our old home of Boat Harbor at the Abaco Beach resort
Saying good bye to Susie in Hopetown

Saying good bye to Glenn
Marsh Harbor is a cultural shock for everyone.  Barb says I am not used to all of these cars zooming around, when can we go back to the quiet life! Man-O-War Cay is our next stop and we will be back to the quiet life of golf carts, bicycles, narrow streets, quaint shops and a laid back way of living.  Man O war is a working community consisting of several boatyards.  If you need work done on your boat, this is the place.  No alcohol served on the island.  One restaurant called the Dock & Dine.  Thats what we did.  We took the short  4 mile trip across the Sea of Abaco to Man O War where we tied up at the marina.  Ate lunch and then toured the town
Ladies sewing hand made bags at the sail cloth shop

A typical street at Man O War

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