Monday, May 9, 2011

May 6 & 7 More of Hopetown and then on to Marsh Harbour

The ladies gathered at the party

This was the men's area.  Tall tales about boating were told. Karl on the sailboat White  Pepper  is a retired doctor.  He recently came out of retirement to sew up a boater in the Exumas that required 15 stitches
On Friday evening Glenn's CEO from the States is visiting so Glenn & Susie have a party.  We are invited along with some fellow boaters we have met in Spanish Wells, the Izzy R, Jeff & Izzy,and their guests. Also the crew on the sail boat White Pepper.   It was a fun gathering.  Pizza was the main course. Pizza has been a distant memory on this trip so it tasted especially good.  

It was a late night.  We resisted the temptation to have "just one more" as we had to climb in our dinghies and motor over to our boats tied to the mooring ball.  The next morning we met for breakfast at Captain Jack's restaurant and then toured the town.  Only a few delivery vehicles here.  The preferred mode of transportation here is by golf cart.  We are on the Nike Express today (hoofing it)
A typical street in Hopetown
Judy and Barb at the Museum in Hopetown.  A very worthwhile stop.  Admission is $3.   We always watch the very informative video explaining how the Loyalists settled in the Bahamas
The main street in Hopetown.  If you are looking to be entertained you won't find it here.  You can't drive here or fly here unless you come by ferry from Marsh Harbour
After touring the town we go back to Susie & Glenn's house to wish them good bye.  What lovely hosts they have been.  They are headed  with their boat back to the States soon.  Perhaps we will see them again along the way.

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