Monday, May 9, 2011

May 5-6 Hopetown

The mooring ball line was dropped about 9:30 am so we could visit a Blue Hole before heading to Hopetown.  What is a blue hole you say.  Well it is a deep hole in relatively shallow water that some times leads to a water cave on an island.  We go into the Bight Of Old Robinson as far as we can with our boats, throw out the anchor and then hop in our dinghies and head into the shallow backwater where it is only a foot deep at the entrance.  The water gets a little deeper but then the blue hole appears and you can't see the bottom.  Barb hops in the water and snorkels over the hole.  The rest of us watch from our viewing buckets

Arrival time in Hopetown is around 2pm after a short jaunt of some 15 miles.  Glenn & Susie have graciously offered us their golf cart to go to Tahiti Beach.  Tahiti Beach is large sandbar off of Elbow Cay where Hopetown lies.  On the way to Tahiti, Glenn's golf cart gets topped off.  Gasoline here is around $6 per gallon
Diesel fuel is $5.39 to $6.35.  It pays to shop around
Mitch & Barb shelling on the Tahiti Beach

Barbs shells placed around a baby starfish that is in shallow water on the beach
So many great photo ops at Hopetown, it is hard to chose the best.  After returning from Tahiti Beach, Glenn & Susie insisted we stop for our usual 5:30 pm cocktails on their lovely deck which overlooks Hopetown Harbor and the lighthouse.

View of Hopetown Harbor from the deck of Glenn & Susie's home in Hopetown
After Mitch completes a carburetor tear down on his dinghy motor we dinghy over to the Lighthouse.  I don't know how many times I have climbed to the top, but it is enthralling each time to be able to show the indescribable sight to someone new.
View of the harbor from high atop the light house
Posing on the lighthouse catwalk
The lighthouse at sunset from Glenn & Susie's dck
One of my favorite restaurants in all of the Bahama's is Cracker P's.  We use Glenn's large inflatable boat to travel the 3 miles to Cracker P's.  Just as we arrive, a wedding party of 40 people or so arrive from Hopetown. This isn't good I say to our group.  There are usually 10 or 12 people here for lunch.  They will run out of the fresh fish before we are served!  The end result was surprising.  We received very good service and the fresh tuna was outstanding.  I love the peas n rice with some Cracker P's hot sauce added!
Cracker P's after the wedding party cleared out
The sign says its a long way back home

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